Defiance Ventures is Formed & Launched

John Espey and Tareq Amin announced today the formation of a new Venture Builder firm called Defiance Ventures. The company will launch and acquire B2B enterprise technology companies and joint ventures. Defiance will provide capital, early stage investing, advisory services, and other shared services. These services will include application development, cloud architecture, digital marketing and branding, and various back office functionality. The company will be based in Charlotte, NC.

“Tareq and I have spent the past fews years being highly engaged in early stage investing and advising promising technology companies. We have decided to combine our experience with our capital and broad networks to formally build a venture builder company. We are excited to help promising technology companies, founders, and investors to achieve their full potential,” said Espey. He added, “We will be announcing some exciting acquisitions and capabilities in the coming weeks and months. Our primary focus is on disruptive enterprise technologies.”

Espey has been involved in multiple startups including Amentra (sold to Red Hat in 2008), Nexgrid, Reward Summit, and most recently Levvel, which under his leadership ranked in the top 6% fastest growing companies in America. 

“John and I look at hundreds of companies a year and have seen there are a lot of very interesting ideas and opportunities but many of them are struggling to reach their potential. This can be due to deficiencies in any number of things including capital, marketing, sales, branding, application development, etc. We decided it was time to build a firm in the Southeast that could address all of these challenges. I look forward to doing just that with John,” said Amin.

Tareq Amin has built multiple technology companies including most recently DC74, a data center company that he sold in 2017 to Lumos Networks. He is an renowned expert in cyber security, telecom, and cloud infrastructure.

About Defiance Ventures

Defiance Ventures is a venture builder focused on B2B enterprise technology companies. It combines capital and early stage investment expertise with real world capabilities spanning marketing, branding, sales, application development, and cloud architecture to help its portfolio of technology companies to disrupt their respective industries.