Defiance Ventures Announces Defiance Digital

Defiance Ventures today announced that it has launched Defiance Digital, a full service digital transformation consultancy.  Defiance Digital will serve Defiance Ventures portfolio companies as well as third party customers looking to build digital products.  The consultancy will focus in particular on practical applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


“We see a need in the market for a full service consultancy that can incorporate modern machine learning, design systems, application development, advanced cloud architectures, and modern development methodologies into one offering” said Kevin O’Dell, CTO of Defiance Ventures and co-founder of Defiance Digital.  “I am pleased to be a part of this offering, as a long time practitioner of big data analytics as a vendor and as a customer I understand that the current offerings in this space need help”.


Tareq Amin, co-founder of Defiance Ventures and founder of DC74 added, “Machine learning and artificial intelligence tools are great but what is lacking today is a shop that can integrate existing IT disciplines into comprehensive solutions.  These solutions need to consider practical realities such as the current challenges companies face in migrating from data centers to public or hybrid clouds and also limitations around privacy and security.  Our team of experts are able to stitch all of these concepts and disciplines together to drive business value”.


Defiance Digital will be based in Charlotte, NC but already has employees and delivery partners throughout the US, Europe, and South America.  


About Defiance Ventures

Defiance Ventures is a venture builder focused on B2B enterprise technology companies.  It combines capital and early stage investment expertise with real world capabilities spanning marketing, branding, sales, application development, and cloud architecture to help its portfolio of technology companies to disrupt their respective industries.