#9 – Trailer – Scott Lien from GrandPad

Scott Lien started GrandPad, the leading communication solution for 8o years and older adults.  5 years after starting the company it is now available at Target and Best Buy and has been advertised on cable TV.  Scott discusses the experience, how his corporate career prepared him for success, and shares his philosophy on product development. 


Twitter: @grandpad_social  https://twitter.com/grandpad_social 

Instagram: @grandpad_social   https://www.instagram.com/grandpad_social/ 

Scott mentioned Dan Norman:   

Don Norman and the problems with most designs today:  https://www.fastcompany.com/90338379/i-wrote-the-book-on-user-friendly-design-what-i-see-today-horrifies-me 

Scott mentioned the documentary Alive Inside:  

The power of music to help elderly people:  https://www.grandpad.net/media#video-full-frame-show-music 

Life balance (Not work life balance) : https://medium.com/swlh/there-is-no-work-life-balance-just-life-balance-c0ee6b9df1fd 

Full Episode:  https://anchor.fm/defiance-ventures/resources/Episode-7—Scott-Lien-from-GrandPad-e42v6o