#40 – Nina Barnett, Grooop

Nina is an impressive young entrepreneur who created a safety app while in under grad to address a problem that she and her friends could not find a good solution for.  She talks about building an app without a technical background through a partnership and what she had to do to figure out how to build a company around it.  Her company Grooop is an app that makes it easy to let friends and family know when a person is safe versus in transit and to discretely notify others when one might be in danger.  It strikes a delicate balance between privacy and security, which is a topic that has taken on increasing significance as society grapples with topics such as contact tracing.


Here are many of the resources that John and Nina discussed throughout the interview:

Nina’s development partner out of Durham – Smashing Boxes

UNC’s Adam’s Apprenticeship Program

Vital Voices Non Profit


Female Founder Collective

Project Scientist

Hooked – how to build habit forming apps

Founders Live

Carolina Challenge

Launch Chapel Hill