#22, Gretchen Kittleberger, International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3)

Gretchen is the founder of IF3, the International Functional Fitness Federation.  IF3 aims to get functional fitness (CrossFit being the most well known functional fitness brand) into the Olympics.  Gretchen was an elite D1 gymnast at the University of Maryland and also stood on the podium in one CrossFit games and competed in four of them.  She is a level 3 certified coach and worked for CrossFit HQ.   

TIME: 00:00:55-00:07:00

  • Gretchen explains iF3, functional fitness as a competitive sport and the ultimate goal of getting it into the Olympics.





TIME: 00:13:00-00:23:09

  • Gretchen’s idea that created iF3 -“We are just as good as these Olympians and we can do it too.”
  • Gretchen walks us down her path to success:
  1. Researching and learning the process
  2. Connecting with established Governing bodies of relatively new sports including, the International Quidditch Association and World Obstacle Course Racing (World OCR)
  3. Setting up their first federation: USA Functional Fitness
  • The 3 step process for getting a sport into the Olympics





TIME: 00:33:12-00:41:55

  • John and Gretchen discuss what ‘movements’ like hers need in order to get real longevity: John-“Commercializing ensures longevity.”
  • John references Ted Turner’s success as an example.
  • Gretchen shares how she plans to get functional fitness into the 2028 Olympic Games. “The biggest goal to hit is onboarding 40 National Federations.”



TIME: 00:51:19-00:59:45

  • Gretchen explains how she started competing and how the sport has evolved since the start of her career.
  • Gretchen gives us her career highlights: “Being in the final workout my very first year and winning regionals in 2014.”



Gretchen Kittelberger-2013 CrossFit Games: Individual Day https://vimeo.com/71178221

TIME: 01:08:38-1:10:29

  • John and Gretchen discuss the obstacles founders face and how to overcome those obstacles through successful networking.
  • John- “You need to be able to take advantage of those networking opportunities the minute they present themselves to be a successful.”