#19, Dan Roselli – Packard Place and QC Fintech

Dan is the founder of Packard Place and Queen City Fintech.  These two activities put him squarely in the middle of Charlotte and even the Southeast’s entrepreneurial eco-system.  He and John cover a lot of ground quickly in this podcast:

Time: 1:50-4:39

-Dan’s background and references of his Linkedin profile opening sentence:

“I know more about M&Ms and Tequila than anyone you have ever met in your life.”

-Dan’s history on Tequila

Time: 5:17-8:05

-Dan on what being an entrepreneur means

-Dan quote, “In the corporate world I was always seen as someone coming in to be a change agent.”

-Dan speaks on cofounding Red Ventures and naming the company

-Dan discusses cofounding 3 different companies that made it onto the inc.500 list




Time: 12:07-16:59

-John references why he started the podcast: “A lot of people are interested in hearing what makes

people like you tick.”

-John and Dan on being entrepeneurs

-Packard Place what is was and what its become

-Packard Place named after James Packard founder of ‘Packard Automobiles’ because of

his entrepreneurialism

-Dan references Packard Place Launch party and youtube video reference

-Dan, “Packard Place is a really large, community crowdsourced project.”

-CLT Joules born out of Packard Place


youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1HFGhHdo7M




Time 22:08-26:17

-John speaks on what he got out of RevTech Labs and meeting 2 influential people within his life:

1. David Miller (Co-Founder of AvidXchange)

2. Jeremy Olson 

-Dan, “One of the things we have to get used to in this community is trying things that don’t work.”



Time: 26:39-28:00

-Dan explains Packard Place community impact report

-Dan, “What makes entrepreneurs great is that they are doing stuff that makes

people think they’re crazy, until they actually do it.”

Time: 31:17-36:25

-Greg Brown reference

-Dan on Angel funding versus Venture funding

-Venture South reference

-Dan references Packard Place events to go to:

1. Third Thursday Legal Lunch

2. Pitchbreakfast

3. Packard Place Public House







Time: 44:59-47:23

-Dan on the catalyst that will help Charlotte continue to grow and be a great place to do business

-Ben Harrison DealCloud reference and starting at Packard Place

-Dan’s recommendation on how to be a successful entrepreneur

-John previews content for his upcoming Solosode- ‘Get in the Game’

Time: 51:18

-Dan’s book recommendation- ‘Venture Deals’ by Brad Feld

-Link: https://www.venturedeals.com

Time: 57:50

-Dan references what a fantastic entrepreneur-Mike Praeger (CEO and Co-Founder of AvidXchange)