#15, Garth Moulton, Jigsaw

Garth Moulton is one of the founders of Jigsaw, a contact data provider acquired by Salesforce in 2010.  In this episode John and Garth discuss the Jigsaw journey, starting a business in Charlotte vs starting one in San Francisco, advising early stage companies, mistakes founders make, shutting down a startup, and many other aspects of startup life. 

Time: 1:19-6:17
-Garth explains his start in technology and how Jigsaw was created
“I was a sales mercenary. I went from company to company looking for
which one was going to make me a millionaire.”

Time: 10:19-15:05
-John’s important key take aways from Garth’s story: “Basic data, largely collected in one spot
becomes wildly valuable.”
-Book reference by A.H. Armstrong and John Hagel ‘Net Gain: Expanding Markets Through
Virtual Communities’
-John highlights Jigsaw as a very early example of Crowdsourcing
-Garth, “We were making money from the very beginning because we required everyone
to either put data in or pay money to take data out.”
-Garth explains how Jigsaw built their corporate licensing for Salesforce

Time: 16:50
-References Jeff Crowe as former Jigsaw board member being top Exec in Silicon Valley
-Link: https://www.nvp.com/team/jeff-crowe/

Time: 20:30-24:37
-Reference Jim Fowler CEO of Jigsaw
-Garth, “Jim wanted to change the data industry.”
Link- https://www.entrepreneur.com/author/jim-fowler
-Selling to Salesforce

Time: 26:20
-Silicon Valley show reference: https://www.hbo.com/silicon-valley

Time: 39:12-48:24 (this ones longer but tells the whole story)
-Garth talks about OtherScreen experience

Time: 55:25-57:22
-Garth indicates “The first thing I try to do with Entrepreneurs is get them off of their idea.”
-Key points for Entrepreneurs:
1. Timing is everything
2. The market has to be ready for it
-Good Garth quote on entrepreneurship, “It’s all about the execution, perseverance and
making the right choice to pursue or to not pursue.”

Time: 1:01:55-1:05:10
-Garth highlights biggest mistakes venture investors/entrepreneurs make:
1. “They get blinded in their search for the next huge thing.”
2. “They view investment as the goal when it’s not. The biggest goal should be proving
your worth, your post-money evaluation because it’s not true yet.”
3. Being too wedded to your idea
-The enemy for start ups is focus or lack of focus

Time: 1:16:35-1:19:20
-The importance of effective collaboration between companies marketing and sales teams
-Garth addresses the differences between Pipl and Jigsaw
-Link: https://pipl.com/corp/about-us/

-Pitch Breakfast: http://pitchbreakfast.com/