#13, Randy Baggesen, M.D. – Executive Health Group

Dr Randy Baggesen left a successful career in investment banking to become a medical doctor.  His unconventional approach to combating cardiovascular disease is saving lives at his practice.  In this thought provoking interview he discusses why conventional medicine is horribly equipped to save humans from their modern lifestyle.  He covers blood testing, diet, mediation, stress management, and exercise steps that people can take to extend their lives and be happier. 

Dr B sends this book to each patient and it covers much of his approach to preventing CVD:  https://amzn.to/2LfiEDd 

Dead Executives Don’t Get a Bonus: https://amzn.to/2ILTASZ 

The End of Alzheimers: https://amzn.to/2NccxCu 

Younger Next Year: https://amzn.to/2ZLvlcW 

Risk Factors according to Bale Doneen: https://baledoneen.com/learn/red-flags/

Dr Baggesen’s practice: https://executive.md/

Time: 2:10
-Book by Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen-‘Beat the Heart Attack Gene’
-Link to Author’s website-https://baledoneen.com

Time: 3:17-8:45
-Dr. B explains ‘Precision Personalized Healthcare’
-Dr. B quotes on his practice, “The right test, for the right reason, for the right follow up.”
-Preventative healthcare discussion
-Vascular disease stats and definition

Time: 12:45-16:48
-Causes for heart attacks and stroke: blood clots:
-Clotting genetics
-Necessary things to evaluate your likelihood for vascular disease
-Cognitive impairment/dimension signs and causes

Time: 23:05-24:45
-Dr. B quotes on his executive patients’ health, “Their preparing for death,
they’re not preparing for life.”
-Book by Dr. Joel Kahn- ‘Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses’
-Link to Author’s website- https://drjoelkahn.com
-John’s advice- “Health is the number 1 thing you have to do in order to be successful.”

Time: 31:00-35:09
-Dietary tips and history

Time: 39:44
-Book by Dale Bredesen-‘The End of Alzheimer’s’
-Link to youtube interview with Dale Bredesen on his book and Alzheimer prevention methods:

Time 41:25-45:44
-Fighting off chronic inflammation
-Dr. B explains 2 most important health influencers:
1. Exercise
2. Diet

Time: 50:53-54:30
-SNPs AI testing for personalized precision supplementations

Time: 59:00 -1:01:04
***Dr. B has a great intro quote about himself we should use***
-Dr. B defines himself, “I define myself as an assett manager. The assett is your health.”
-Book – ‘Younger Next Year’
-Link to website- https://www.youngernextyear.com/books/

Time 1:06:54-1:09:10
-Dr. B quote, “Like other entrepreneurs, through perseverance and hardwork here I am.”
-Dr. B describes how he is taking his practice to the next level with AI.
-John explains how the medical industry needs to undergo a digital transformation